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Our Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologists provide independent comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services for speech, language and cognitive disorders using the client's/patient's language and preferred mode of communication. As part of our service provision we:  

  • Describe the process of normal speech and language acquisition—for both bilingual and monolingual speakers of that language, including how those processes are manifested in oral and written language (or manually coded languages when applicable);

  • Select, administer, and interpret formal and informal assessment procedures to distinguish between communication differences and communication disorders;

  • Apply intervention strategies for treatment of communication disorders in the language or mode of communication most appropriate for the needs of the individual.

At Verbal Links we are passionate about aiding in the rehabilitation of clients of all ages from developmental communication delays in young children to individuals who have experienced brain injuries or other neurological changes. Our licensed and certified Clinician’s have the knowledge and experience to assess and design a treatment plan that will meet the clients specific needs and perceived deficits.

What do we provide?